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Workforce in Belgium

Workforce in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Workforce_in_Belgium.jpgReasons for investing in Belgium

Belgium has many appealing qualities which make the country a very attractive business destination. Among these qualities we can highlight its location, its multicultural character, the presence of the most important institutions within the European Union and last but not least, the quality of the Belgian workforce
Our law firm in Belgium can offer you complete details about the legislation for investments in Belgium and can guide you if you want to hire Belgian personnel for your company.

Highly qualified and talented professionals

Belgian workers are known for their flexibility and problem solving skills. Many Belgians have attended some form of higher education. Belgium has 16 universities and a developed network of world-class scientific institutes.
Another important quality that can be found at Belgian workers is their ability to speak at least two different languages. Because Belgium is located at the heart of Europe, most of its population is bilingual or even trilingual. Dutch, French, English and German are the languages which are most likely to be spoken fluently by Belgian workers
Belgian employees are also very productive and in previous years they have been ranked as the 5th most productive employees in the world.

Hiring employees in Belgium

According to their type of company in Belgium, investors may want to hire personnel based on different criteria.  If the duration of the employment contract is an important issue, investors in Belgium should know that there are more types of employment contracts in Belgium: fixed term contracts or part time contracts, as well as contracts for special kinds of workers.
Our Belgian law firm can provide more information if you want to know more about terminating an employment contract in Belgium. According to law, employees can be dismissed under certain conditions.  
Other aspects of the Belgian Labor Law address provisions such as the working and rest hours in Belgium, the minimum wage, the principle of non-discrimination, health, safety and security at work and other issues. You can contact our Belgian lawyers if you have any additional questions about the legislation for employing personnel in Belgium.
If you want to invest in Belgium, our Belgian law firm can provide complete legal services.