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Why Start a Business in Belgium

Why Start a Business in Belgium

Updated on Friday 07th August 2020

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Why_start_a_business_in_Belgium.jpgBelgium for investors

Belgium is the „capital of Europe” and is home to the European Union and NATO, as well as other international institutions and important multinational corporations. The country’s geographical location, good investment climate and favourable business environment are reasons why Belgium is a prime location to start a business.
Belgium is at the crossroads between Germanic Europe and Latin Europe. The country is divided between three important regions: the Flemish region in the north and the francophone Wallonia, followed by the bilingual capital region of Brussels. Belgium has an open economy and relies heavily on international trade. Foreign investment in Belgium has an important role in the country’s economy and the government encourages foreign investors.

A gateway for business

Perhaps the most important reason to start a business in Belgium is the country’s central location between some of the most important and wealthiest countries in Europe. Belgium has a very developed infrastructure and its capital, Brussels, it close to other important cities in Europe, like Paris and Amsterdam. Modern roads and railways, along with an extensive canal network make Belgium a prime location for import and export activities. The country’s geographical position and its accessibility, topped with beautiful old cities also make Belgium an interesting option for opening a travel agency.
Belgium has a high quality of live and offers a densely populated market with an international character. High incomes guarantee an important purchase power and Belgium is a highly competitive market.

Steps for starting a business in Belgium

The first step after deciding to invest in Belgium is to choose the appropriate business form. There are six types of business entities in Belgium and each have their own characteristics and may be suitable for small and medium sized businesses or for large international companies. Our Belgian lawyers can explain the differences between the types of companies and guide you through the preliminary steps, like drawing up the Articles of Association for a company in Belgium.
All companies in Belgium must be registered at the Belgian Trade Register and depending on the type of company, business owners will also have to register for VAT purposes and even register their EORI number in Belgium. Our law firm in Belgium can help you with company management services.
Belgium offers a reasonable and advantageous taxation system for companies. The common corporate tax in Belgium is set at 33.99%, however, progressive tax rates apply according to the taxable net profit of the company. 
Trademark registration in Belgium is possible and advantageous through the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.
If you are interested in investing in Belgium and need additional information about the Belgian legislation for foreign investors, our team of  lawyers in Belgium can help you with any legal issue.