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Tax Litigation in Belgium

Tax Litigation in Belgium

Updated on Wednesday 16th December 2015

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Tax-Litigation-in-Belgium-1.jpgResolving taxation litigation in Belgium 

Taxation litigation and disputes in Belgium can sometimes appear between the tax authorities and different types of companies. When these controversies occur, companies can request the services of a specialist to help evaluate the problem and understand how the different tax laws in Belgium apply to their businesses.
A law firm in Belgium can provide you with the adequate solutions and assistance for any tax issues, from matters concerning tax calculation errors to legal representation in judicial appeals.

Tax complaints in Belgium

Individuals and companies in Belgium must observe the reporting requirements and the annual dates for tax filing with the Belgian tax authorities. Tax litigations can concern improper calculation and filing or the misuse of tax avoidance methods.
Belgian law allows for extensive tax planning, however, these practices as well as those that involve tax minimization methods should be used with caution and only if the individual is well aware of the taxation laws and the boundaries of legal tax minimization schemes.
The Belgian Tax Administration will treat each tax litigation case according to its own particularities. Because taxpayers can have different liabilities it is recommended to request the services of a law firm in Belgium for any tax disputes and related procedures.

Tax litigation lawyers in Belgium

The Belgian court system is a three-tier one in which judgments are first judged in lower courts and are appealed (if necessary) in higher courts. The Court of First Instance is the one addressed in tax related matters. The next level of appeal is the regional Court of Appeal followed by the Supreme Court.
Tax fraud cases are considered criminal offences and are prosecuted accordingly as these cases have separate rules for judgment. The Belgian income tax code is the document that serves as a framework for civil tax litigation.
Our Belgian law firm provides tax consultation adapted to your needs to help you avoid any tax problems but can also help you with legal representation in court for any tax disputes with the Belgian authorities or in other types of litigations.
Our experts can also provide you with solutions for debt recovery. We can also answer your questions about the laws in force and help you with specialized advice. Contact our law firm in Belgium for more details.