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Minimum Share Capital in Belgium

Minimum Share Capital in Belgium

Updated on Thursday 25th August 2016

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The minimum share capital in Belgium is established in accordance with the legal entity chosen by the investor when registering a new company. The share capital is a sum of money which was raised as a fund by the shareholders of the company. Our team of Belgian lawyers can offer an in-depth presentation on the main requirements imposed by the local legislation. 
Foreign investments are welcomed in Belgium and the government is trying to attract various businesses to the country by enforcing a series of business friendly measures. When investing in Belgium, it is important to know that the most common type of company is the public limited liability company (Société Anonyme or SA/NV), but other business forms are also available for investors.

Starting a company in Belgium

The available business structures in Belgium are:
- private limited liability company;
- public limited liability company;
- general partnership;
- sole proprietorship;
- co-operative company.
All Belgian companies are required to register at the Trade Register and to comply with the rules of taxation in Belgium. Our team of Belgian attorneys can provide more information about the Belgian company law.

Minimum capital for private limited companies in Belgium 

Foreign investors interested in setting up a company in Belgium should know that the most preferred legal entity is the private limited company, which is a suitable business form for small companies operating in numerous economic fields. 
The legislation applicable in Belgium specifies that the minimum share capital for the private limited company is of EUR 18,550 and 20% of this sum should be paid up during the incorporation procedure. However, if the company will have only one shareholder, the minimum share capital is set up at EUR 12,400. 

Minimum capital for cooperative company in Belgium 

This type of legal entity is more suitable for larger companies (corporations) which have numerous shareholders owning various amounts of shares in the business. 
The cooperative needs three shareholders who will deposit a fixed share of capital of minimum EUR 18,550, as well as a variable part; our team of Belgian attorneys can offer more details on this matter. 

Minimum capital for public limited liability companies in Belgium 

As a general rule, the public limited liability company is mainly suited for enterprises. Enterprises are large entities and, as such, the minimum share capital for this legal entity is set up as EUR 61,500. Out of this sum, 25% has to be deposited in a corporate bank account during the incorporation procedure. The legal entity allows the shareholders to be either natural persons or companies. 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the minimum share capital applicable to companies in Belgium, can contact our Belgian law firm for legal advice or representation.