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Legal Services in Brussels

Legal Services in Brussels

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Legal_Services_in_Brussels.jpgBrussels: the capital of Europe

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and also the largest city in the country. Foreign investors are attracted to this city not only because it is an important multicultural area, but also because it is the capital of the European Union.
Our Belgian law firm offers various legal services for foreign and local investors. When opening a company in Brussels, investors must be prepared to enter an international environment and observe the specific business culture that derives from one of the city’s main characteristics: its French and Flemish heritage. 

Company formation and company management in Brussels

Our Belgian experts can help you throughout the company incorporation procedure. There are several types of companies that can be opened in Brussels and investors often need special guidance and counselling for choosing the most appropriate business form. International companies have plenty of reasons to open offices in Brussels and in this case the choice may be to open a branch or a subsidiary in Brussels.
Company management is important and investors should seek the services of qualified professionals to deal with certain legal and business matters when doing business in Brussels. From tax minimization to hiring employees, our Belgian law firm offers various services that cover a wide range of business issues. Our experts can help you plan a good management and marketing plan for your company.

Other legal services in Brussels

Different companies in Brussels deal with different legal issues. Some companies must obtain special authorizations for functioning, such as travel agencies or restaurants in Brussels. Our experts can help you obtain the necessary special permits and licenses for functioning. 
Our law firm in Brussels can also deal with specific actions like company mergers and acquisitions and help you during the liquidation process if your company in Belgium is experiencing financial difficulties. 
For a complete and personalized offer of our legal services in Brussels, please contact our lawyers in Belgium. We can become your partners in Belgium.