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Legal Requirements for Obtaining Citizenship in Belgium

Legal Requirements for Obtaining Citizenship in Belgium

Updated on Tuesday 06th October 2015

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Legal-Requirements-for-Obtaining- Citizenship-in-Belgium.jpgForeigners in Belgium

Foreigners who want to live in Belgium permanently must be aware of the legal requirements for obtaining Belgian citizenship. However, before being able to do so, a foreign individual, from the EU or from other countries, will need to be able to enter the country legally. This is done using a visa for Belgium which will grant the holder a residency status.
There are several types of visas in Belgium, depending on the length and purpose of the stay. If you want to obtain a visa and later apply for citizenship, our attorneys in Belgium can assist you throughout the entire application procedure.

Ways of obtaining Belgian citizenship

A foreign individual can obtain Belgian citizenship through marriage with a Belgian national or through the naturalization procedure. When a couple decides to get married in Belgium this does not mean that the foreign spouse received Belgian nationality immediately after the wedding. The two will need to have been living together for some time when the application for residency is submitted.
The following conditions apply for obtaining Belgian citizenship through marriage:
- the two need to live at least three years in Belgium;
- they have lived for at least six months together in Belgium;
- the spouse of foreign nationality submits an official statement regarding his or her wish to acquire Belgian nationality.
Our attorneys in Belgium can help you submit the statement to the Municipal Registrar in your area of residence. If you are already living in Belgium, our lawyers can help you with divorce assistance.

The naturalization procedure in Belgium 

The naturalization procedure means that a foreigner is granted Belgian nationality as a concession form the House of Representatives. Applications for this procedure can be submitted directly to the House of Representatives or to the Registrar belonging to the area where you live in Belgium. Individuals who live abroad can submit this application to the local Belgian Embassy or Consulate.
In order to be naturalized in Belgium individuals must comply with the requirement of having lived for at least three years in the country. Different conditions apply for recognized refugees. 
For legal assistance during the naturalization procedure or for other legal services please contact our law firm in Belgium.