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Accountant Belgium

Updated on Sunday 21st August 2022

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Working with an accountant in Belgium is recommended for small, medium, and large companies alike.  An expert, such as one of the accountants in our team is able to provide ongoing assistance for compliance, as well as valuable advise for business growth.
A certified public accountant, or CPA Belgium, is able to provide tailored services to businesses that are just starting out, already established Belgian companies who are looking for a new service provider, as well as to investors and entrepreneurs who are in need of details concerning business start-ups.
Our law firm in Belgium includes a team of attorneys as well as other English-speaking experts and can provide adequate assistance in a wide range of tax matters and accountancy law reporting issues.

Services offered by an accountant in Belgium

We offer complete accountancy services that are customized to meet the specific needs of the business. As our client, you will benefit from having your account overseen by a dedicated expert who will be able to offer tailored solutions, depending in business size and industry.
A CPA in Belgium from our team will help you with:
  • Bookkeeping: the basic service of keeping the accounts of all the financial transactions of the company;
  • Tax accounting: observing the income tax, VAT return and other filings applicable to Belgian companies;
  • Payroll: a CPA in Belgium can also help you with maintaining and updating the employee income records as well as making all of the needed submissions.
  • Internal auditing: as needed per the company size, our team will also help you with this service intended to verify if the business is compliant.
Companies may also request additional services from our accountants in Belgium:
  • Forensic accounting: a special type of service that is usually used in relation to financial problems or fraud;
  • Bank reconciliation: a service aimed at finding any existing discrepancies in the financial records of the business.
Our team offers all of these services and, in addition to these, our lawyers in Belgium can help answer any questions about the applicable tax and reporting laws.
In Belgium, companies are required to used double entry accounting using a full set of books (sales, purchases, cash) and maintain a yearly inventory of the assets. All companies file the annual financial statements (the balance sheet, income statement, notes, etc.) and the size of the company dictates the annual accounts template; in some cases, the financial statements will also include s statutory management report.

How to choose an accountant in Belgium

Accountant or team of accounting specialists you choose to work with should have adequate experience and qualifications. Our team includes accountants that are included in the Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants. This is the body that manages the register that includes all practitioners in the field and that holds the relevant qualifying examinations. Members need to observe a set of rules for good practice and professional ethics, as well as continue their professional development.
Some of the requirements for an accountant in Belgium are the following:
  • have a 3-year internship;
  • at least 7 years of practical experience;
  • pass the final examination;
  • in addition to the 3-year experience condition in auditing, auditors need to be aged below 65 years and be a citizen of an EU Member State.
Outsourcing the accounting services is common among companies of all sizes, as opposed to maintaining an in-house accountant or an accounting department in larger companies. The company’s cash flow may not be suitable to keeping an in-house bookkeeper, meaning that one of the greatest advantages is that related to cost savings. While the outsourced team will be preoccupied with keeping the company’s transaction records in order, the owner will have the needed time to focus on the business goals. What’s more, the quality is ensured when working with a professional CPA in Belgium.
Belgian companies that outsource their accounting services benefit from professional advice and guidance as needed, upon request, and they have access to reliable services. Upon request, a team such as our own which includes experienced accountants in Belgium, will help you with information about implementing changes as per certain performance indicators, as well as setting up stock option plans for employees.
Contact us today if you wish to work with an accountant in Belgium. We will provide an initial consultation and will customize your accounting services according to your particular business needs.