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Why Invest in Belgium

Why Invest in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Why choose Belgium?

Of all the central-European countries, Belgium can truly claim the title of `the heart of Europe`. Not only is the country located in a very strategic position, both geographically and economically, having very powerful European countries as neighbors, but Belgium’s capital, Brussels, is also the capital of Europe: Brussels is home to the headquarters of all the main European Union institutions.
Belgium is a key decision-making center in Europe and, naturally, it has an open economy and a multicultural business climate.

It’s really easy to get started in Belgium

Many believe that there are relatively easy requirements and procedures for setting up a business in Belgium. Usually the company registration process takes a few days, however, entrepreneurs should have all the needed documentation and observe the legal provisions for minimum share capital according to the type of company: lower for private limited liability companies than for public limited companies.
Entrepreneurs investing in Belgium will also find that the Belgian workforce is flexible, innovative, and they generally have a high level of training and education. According to the reports of international organisations, such as the International Labor Organisation, Belgian employees are some of the most productive employees in the world. Moreover, because Belgium is the home of many European institutions and is a very foreign-friendly country, many Belgian employees are bilingual or even trilingual.

Tax incentives in Belgium

Taxation in Belgium is progressive, which means that the tax rates grow as the income does. Any commercial company in Belgium is subject to the nominal corporate tax rate of 33.99%. Small and medium sized companies that have a taxable profit no larger than 322,500 euros benefit from a lower tax rate of 24.98%. The nominal rate may be lowered through various legal mechanisms. Belgium also offers certain tax incentives for individuals and companies.

Other advantages

The quality of life is very high in Belgium. The country is balanced in terms of wealth, literacy, education, life expectancy and other quality of life factors.
Real estate prices make most foreigners decide to buy a property in Belgium rather than rent one. 
Approximately 60% of Europe’s purchasing power and around 30% of European Union consumers are concentrated in an area very accessible from Belgium. Important European capitals, such as Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Paris and even London are only hours away from Brussels. 
Belgium is a very good choice for a European business center. If you are interested in investing in Belgium, our law firm in Belgium can help you get started.


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