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Type of structures Belgium

Type of structures Belgium

Updated on Monday 09th May 2016

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Belgian business forms

The types of structures in Belgium are suited for a wide array of business needs and foreign investors in the country can choose the legal entity that complies best with their business requirements. Those who register a company in Belgium will enjoy the straightforward procedure and the relatively speedy process.
Our Belgian lawyers can guide you through the company incorporation procedure and can also assist you in selecting the right type of legal entity.

Types of companies in Belgium

Belgium has several types of companies, each with its own characteristics and advantages. While some business entities are best suited for large companies, investors who want to start a small or medium sized company will benefit from choosing simpler business forms, especially if they do not want to list the company on the stock exchange.
In order to make the right choice, investors will need to consider how much capital they are willing to invest in the early stages of the company and the obligations for shareholders associated with each company type.
The following categories of companies are available in Belgium:
- Private limited company (SPRL/BVBA);
- Public limited company (SA/NV);
- Cooperative with limited liability (SC/SCRL-CV/CVBA);
- Cooperative with unlimited liability (SCRI/CVOA);
- General partnership (SNC/VOF);
- Limited partnership (SCS/GCV);
- Partnership limited by shares (SCA/CVA);
- Sole proprietorship;
- Branches and subsidiaries or representative office for foreign companies.
The most popular types of companies in Belgium are the public and private limited liability companies. These two business forms will have different requirements for the minimum share capital, the number of shareholders and the management of the company.
Branches and subsidiaries are a good choice for foreign companies that want to establish their presence on the Belgian market. The main difference between these two is the liability of the mother company abroad to which investors should pay close attention.
The consultants at our law firm in Belgium can give you detailed information about the requirements for each type of company. We can also offer you advice if you are interested in starting your own one-man business as a sole proprietor in Belgium

Requirements for the share capital in Belgium

The minimum share capital requirements differ from one company to another and this can be a key factor when selecting the type of company in Belgium. The following requirements for capital and shareholders apply for the most popular business forms in Belgium:
- Private limited liability company: at least 1 shareholder and 18,550 EUR minimum share capital fully subscribed at the time of the incorporation
- Public limited liability company: at least 2 shareholders and 61,500 EUR fully subscribed upon incorporation;
- General partnership: at least 2 shareholders who are equally liable and no minimum capital;
- Partnership limited by shares: at least 2 shareholders – a managing partner and a limited partner and 61,500 EUR minimum share capital.

Company structure and management in Belgium

The private limited liability company is the only type of company that can be incorporated by a single individual. This type of company must appoint a company director and has several legal and administrative obligations. 
In most cases, the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of their investment to the share capital. Our attorneys in Belgium can give you complete details about the duties and responsibilities of company shareholders and directors in the country.
Our agents can also help you comply with corporate taxation in Belgium and observe the regulations for financial reporting and auditing. We can also help you with tax minimization strategies.
You can contact our law firm in Belgium for details about investing in the country and the commercial code


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