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Relocation to Belgium

Relocation to Belgium

Updated on Monday 09th May 2016

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Relocation_in_Belgium.jpgBelgium: your new business destination

Belgium is an international destination for business and many companies prefer the country when setting up an office to operate in the Benelux region. The advantageous geographical position and good living conditions are just two of the reasons why companies relocate to Belgium.
Company relocation refers to changing the physical address of the business and also the relocation of the employees. This important decision can be attributed to a number of factors and some of the most common are: lower costs, better taxation, and changes in the target market.
The decision to relocate to Belgium is an important step for a company and business owners should seek the help of a professional who can advise them. Our Belgian law firm is experienced in dealing with foreign companies and our experts will provide the best advice for any issue or problem you might encounter after deciding to relocate to Belgium.

Moving to Belgium

The relocation process starts with choosing an appropriate location for your business. Property purchase in Belgium is an option for businesses that want to relocate here. Our law firm in Belgium can help you handle the paperwork and deal with the notary.
Companies that relocate can choose to keep their employees and offer them the option to relocate with the company or hire employees in Belgium. The workforce in the country is highly educated and companies will have no problem in finding good candidate for their available positions. When hiring employees, our Belgian lawyers will help you conclude the employment agreement.

Important aspects

The consultants at our Belgian law firm will help you during the relocation and the transition period. Taxation in Belgium might be different then from the one in the country you are moving from and our lawyers will help you understand and comply with the taxation requirements for companies and individuals. We can also help you with tax minimization and wealth management in Belgium.
Please contact our Belgian law firm if you are interested in investing in Belgium. We can help you relocate your company and run your Belgian business.


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