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Register a Trademark in Belgium

Register a Trademark in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Register_a_trademark_in_Belgium.jpgDo you need a trademark?

Trademarks are useful for expressing the uniqueness of a company. They help customers differentiate between companies and distinguish between products or services. Trademarks in Belgium must be registered in order to grant their owner exclusive rights. If order to be valid, trademarks in Belgium must be distinctive, lawful and must be available.
Our law firm in Belgium can assist you throughout the trademark registration procedure and can help you determine which are the products or services that you must seek protection for.

Before registering a trademark in Belgium

The first step business owners in Belgium must take is to design a sign that will serve as a trademark for their company. In principle, any signs can be considered trademarks. They can include words, images, colors, shapes and even sounds. The trademark must be associated with specific products or services, thus the entrepreneurs must also decide for which products he or she will register the trademark.
It is very important to check the availability of a trademark in Belgium before going forward and registering it. The chosen sign must be available for the products or services for which the business owner submits the application. The availability can be checked online, using the online trademark register of the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. The service is free and contains trademarks registered in the Benelux area as well as pending requests.

Trademark protection and registration in Belgium

Individuals who want to protect their trademarks in Belgium need to register their chosen trademark in Benelux. This gives the owner protection for his or her trademark within the Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).
For protection outside the Benelux, entrepreneurs can register their trademarks in the European Union. The Community trademark offers protection within the entire European Union, and only one registration is required.
The specialists at our law firm in Belgium can guide you throughout the trademark registration procedure and can tell you more about the filing process for the trademark application.
Please contact our attorneys in Belgium for more details about doing business in Belgium


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