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Opening a Bank Account in Belgium

Opening a Bank Account in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Banking in Belgium

Belgium is a country chosen both by entrepreneurs and by employees. Individuals who want to open a company or who want to work within the country, will need to open a bank account for personal or business use. Belgian banks are numerous and offer a wide range of services, suited for foreigners living and working in the country.
Our law firm in Belgium can help you know more about the banking system in Belgium and guide you whenever necessary.

Requirements for opening a bank account in Belgium

The process of opening a bank account in Belgium is simple and straightforward. Banks usually require a minimum number of identification documents, like a valid passport or ID, the application form required for opening a new bank account, completed and signed and in some cases proof of domicile. 
The procedure to open a new bank account in Belgium varies according to the chosen bank. Some banks in Belgium allow their customers to open their account online. Once the account is open, you will be informed when you can collect your credit cards and other tokens or devices used for online transactions. Banks don’t usually require a minimum deposit upon creating a new bank account. Depending on the services you requested and the facilities offered by the bank, the costs for bank account administration may vary. 
If you want to know more about doing business in Belgium, our lawyers can help you with detailed information about the taxation system in Belgium. 

Banking facilities for foreigners in Belgium

Some banks in Belgium offer special types of accounts or packages for foreigners. Non-residents who live and work outside of Belgium but need to have a bank account in the country can open a special bank account that will offer them multi-currency and management solutions adapted to their needs and financial investments in Belgium
The specialists at our Belgian law firm are ready to help you know everything about the legislation for foreign investments.
Some examples of popular banks in Belgium include: BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC Groep, Beobank, AXXA Bank Belgium or Argenta. The Belgian Post Office also offers banking services and internet banking facilities. Belgium has a large number of bank branches and electronic banking is widespread. 
Please contact our Belgian attorneys for more information about our legal services.


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