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Notary Services in Belgium

Notary Services in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Notary_Services_in_Belgium.jpgNotaries in Belgium

Notaries offer various services in non-contentious matters for business or personal use. A notary in Belgium has the authority to issue special documents like a power of attorney or draw up statutory declarations, affidavits, apostils and draft other official acts as needed for legal purposes.
The services of a notary in Belgium are required in a number of cases, from drawing up the documents needed to company formation to solving more personal issues like arranging a will, authenticate personal documents or handle other types of documents.
The experts at our law firm in Belgium can provide integrated notary services, as per your specific business needs. 

Services offered by Belgian notaries

Belgian notaries offer a wide range of services and most of them are used to working with foreign investors in Belgium. Local notaries can be found in all of the three regions in Belgium, and depending on the region they may speak French or Flemish. In most cases you will need to make an appointment with the notary for services that require personal attendance, like the drawing up of a power of attorney.
Belgian notaries can help you make certified copies for documents, legalize documents, administer an oath, affirmation or affidavit, witness a signature, draw up a will and others. Foreign investors and expats who want to live and work in Belgium will have to request the services of a notary in order to be able to prepare all the needed documents that must be submitted with the Belgian authorities for company incorporation or for obtaining a resident permit in the country. Likewise, individuals who have been living in Belgium and are interested in estate planning will also have to request the services of a notary to be able to draw up a will.

Other legal services in Belgium

Notaries in Belgium will have different fees for the services they provide. Our attorneys in Belgium can help guide you to a local Belgian notary depending on your place of residence and your needs. We can also help you if you are a foreign investor and language has been a barrier for you when trying to request the correct notarial service.
Our Belgian law firm offers a wide range of legal services, suited for both companies and individuals. You can contact our Belgian attorneys to find out more about our prices.


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