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Marriage registration in Belgium

Marriage Registration in Belgium

Updated on Monday 09th May 2016

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Marriage laws in Belgium

The article below presents the needed information regarding the marriage registration in Belgium, such as residency conditions, documents required or legalization issues.
In Belgium, the legal age for getting married is 18 years old. Moreover, Belgium has become on June 1, 2003 the second country in the world that legalized the same-sex marriage, following Netherlands. “Statutory cohabitation” is also recognized, and is open to any two cohabitation persons.

Documents needed for marriage in Belgium

The first step for marriage registration in Belgium is to gather all the documents needed and take them to the marriage office in the commune where one of the couple lives. The office can be found in the municipal buildings of the Town Hall and is part of the Service de I'Etat Civil/de Burgerlijke Stand.
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The following documents are needed for registering a marriage in Belgium:

- Original or certified copied of the birth certificates of both parties
- Proof of identity (original or legalized)
- Proof of nationality (original or legalized)
- Certificate of residence that shows the full name, date and place of birth, as well as the last legal residence, nationality and marital status for the couple.
- A copy of the final Belgian divorce decree is also required in case one or both parties has been previously married. The decree needs to mention the date of divorce pronunciation. 
In case one of the couple is not a Belgian resident, then he or she must obtain the respective certificate from the authorities of the last place of residence. 

Residency conditions for marriage in Belgium

In Belgium, marriage can be validated if one of the future spouses was a Belgian citizen at the time of the ceremony or has been a resident of the country for more than three months. The residence can be demonstrated through an air ticket, a rent receipt or evidence of administrative formalities completed with the authorities.

How is the ceremony legalized?

In order for the marriage to be validated, the ceremony must take place in the municipality where one of both partners are registered. It must be made in the presence of the mayor or alderman vital. The civil ceremony is required in order to validate the union officialy. If a religious ceremony is to happen, then the partners have to make sure that they visit an office of the state through the local municipality so that the union can be legalized. Even if civil unions do no require witnesses, the sposes are entitled to nominate up to four persons as witnesses.

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  • Anjum Saeed 2015-08-16

    1...i get married in cyprus i want to live in belgioum how i can register my marriage? mutch time is required for this process?

    Hello Anjum Saeed! Thank you for your comment. Please send us a detailed e-mail with your inquiry at Have a great day!

  • Hana 2015-12-06

    Hello, can you have a marry in belgium without licences?

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