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Mail Forwarding Services in Belgium

Mail Forwarding Services in Belgium

Updated on Thursday 11th May 2017

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Mail Forwarding Services in Belgium

Mail forwarding services in Belgium provide the entrepreneur with the possibility to access communication services even if his employees work outside the traditional office. This kind of service is able to provide a virtual office address in Belgium without leasing or buying an actual office space and is therefore especially beneficial for startups and small business owners.

Other types of companies this service is suitable for are:

This type of office provides various important advantages like the fact that it does not require conventional lease expenses and also exempts the entrepreneur from all other costs required by a physical office, like employment expenses, tax burdens, utilities, and many others.

We invite you to watch a video on the main benefits that are available to you if you choose a mail forwarding package

The Mail Forwarding Services Offered by LawyersBelgium

We wish to offer our clients high quality mail forwarding services in Belgium so that they will have the opportunity to benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. We can provide the best and most suitable mail forwarding services in Belgium for each client, due to our Belgian law firm’s experience in company formation services in Belgium

The mail-forwarding package provided by contains:

1.    Registered office necessary for establishing a company in Belgium;

2.    Prestigious business address in any major Belgian city for a credible and risk-free base used for our clients’ correspondence;

3.    Mail collection and forwarding: the mail is collected and sent towards our clients according to their instructions either by mail, fax or email;

4.    A local phone number in Belgium for all the clients ‘contacts;

5.    Incoming and outgoing faxes: clients can use our local fax number and we insure a prompt fax collection and invoicing towards them, wherever they are;

6.    Voice mailbox - All voice messages will be forwarded towards our clients by email.

Moreover, provides the following additional services:

   1. The possibility to use our meeting room
   2. Call redirecting – we use a specialized technology that enables call redirection to your primary number;
   3. Collection of bank statements;
   4. Dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;

Advantages of Using a Mail Forwarding Service in Belgium

1. High efficiency: while we handle all our clients’ telecommunications they will have more time to focus on their businesses.

2. Increased savings: It would be very costly and time-consuming for an entrepreneur to start looking for a space to buy or rent, purchase office equipment and pay maintenance fees. All these expenses can be avoided if deciding to use our mail forwarding service in Belgium

3. Professionalism and increased number of clients: a prestigious business address and the promptitude we offer can result in a more professional image of our clients’ businesses and increase their company’s credibility.

4. Lower risk of business venture:  due to the low costs implied by this type of office, entrepreneurs choosing it will also have a low insolvency risk, in case the company will face unexpected financial challenges.

5. Use of conference rooms for meetings: our clients are welcome to use our professional meeting rooms for conducting their businesses. 


For personalized consultancy and further advice please contact our law firm in Belgium. We can help our clients with the entire procedure, providing assistance in all stages of the incorporation, due to the joint expertise of local lawyers and international consultants.



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