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Land Registry in Belgium

Land Registry in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Registering a land owned in Belgium

According to Belgian law, there are two institutions responsible for land registration: the Land Registry Office and the Mortgage Registry Office
The Land Registry Office in Belgium deals with the proprietary rights and charges concerning land. It maintains and registers the necessary information.  It is an administrative authority and it depends on the Minister of Finance.
There are numerous Land Registry Offices in Belgium and each one is responsible for a certain part of the Belgian territory. Individuals interested in purchasing properties in Belgium must know that the territory of Belgium is divided into three Regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The first two are also subdivided into provinces.
Deeds and authentic acts concerning a specific plot of land are registered where the land is located.

What can be registered at the Land Registry in Belgium?

All ownership rights of buildings and/or building mortgages or co-ownership should be registered with the Mortgage Registry Office. According to Belgian law, registration at the Mortgage Registry is firm evidence towards third parties that the land/building is owned by a certain individual and it also records if there are any mortgage rights or co-ownership. Almost all real property is registered in Belgium. 
The Land Registry Office in Belgium registers the following data:
- name of the owner and its address;
- the address of the property;
- land register number of the property;
- property surface;
- castrate income.
The following information is registered at the Mortgage Registry Office:
- all the deeds that have been executed with regard to the property: sale, merger, building right;
- mortgages;
- lease agreements concluded for a duration that exceeds 9 years;
- joint-ownership, if applicable;
- sentences or legal actions. 

Registration procedure

Any transfer of ownership in Belgium can be done by an agreement concluded between the seller and the buyer. In order to be recognizable by third parties, the transfer must be validated. This means that the initial agreement must be notarized and registered by a notary at the Mortgage Registry Office. All the notarial deeds and other documents regarding the property should be registered at the Mortgage Registry Office within 2 months after their execution.
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  • Beverly Allain 2015-04-26

    Hello, I am an accountant in Alberta, Canada. Please forgive me for my random email. I found your name on the internet. I have a customer that owns some properties in Belgium that I need some information on. The Canadian Government requires individuals to report the cost value (aankoop waarde or kosten) of properties they own in foreign countries on their annual income tax returns. The customer I have has properties that he inherited from family members. I have section and lot (sectie en perceeinr) information for all the properties he owns. The information I am seeking is the value of the land at the time he received it. How would I locate the value of each property on the date my customer began owning each property? If you can assist me in any way I would be grateful. Thank you.

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