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Immigration to Belgium

Immigration to Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Immigration_to_Belgium.jpgA country at the heart of Europe

Belgium has a strategic location at the center of Europe and this makes it the country of choice for many foreign investors who want to open a business in Europe. The country also has a good quality of life index and individuals come to live and work in Belgium because the country scores well in many areas related to the well-being of the individuals.
Immigration to Belgium is possible under certain conditions. Apart from the transiting visits in the country, or the short term visits that do not require a visa (less than three months), individuals can join their spouse, partner, child or parent in Belgium. 
Our Belgian law firm can assist you if you are willing to relocate to Belgium, either with personal or business purposes. Our lawyers can help you draft the necessary documents and even help you make the necessary living arrangements, like purchasing a property in Belgium.

Immigration to Belgium for EU citizens

The Belgian Immigration Office handles all matters regarding immigration to Belgium. It handles both cases in which foreigners come to Belgium: for short term reasons, as well as for longer stays like for performing a professional activity or studying in Belgium. The Immigration Office also handles family reunification in Belgium.
European Union citizens have the right to become Belgian residents after five years of continuous residence in the country. The five year period is measured after the individual has received the registration certificate from the municipal administration. An individual’s stay in Belgium can be terminated if he or she engages in a serious breach of public order.
The lawyers at our Belgian law firm can help you with family law issues and help you submit the necessary forms for the municipal administration. Family members belonging to a EU citizen who are third country nationals must make a formal request for residence in Belgium.

Immigration to Belgium for other citizens

Third country nationals can come to Belgium for a short stay or they can move to Belgium for work or study purposes. These citizens can also request a family reunion in Belgium, under certain conditions. Exceptional living in Belgium for third country nationals applies for humanitarian reasons or for medical reasons. For details about the legal provisions in these special cases, you can contact our law firm in Belgium.
We provide other legal services for families and companies in Belgium such legal counselling for marriage in Belgium or legal representation in case of divorce. You can contact our Belgian law firm for any inquiries. 


  • Hmidi Mounir 2015-04-29

    thank you for all useful details in your web-site.i have bank guarantees in Europe can these guarantess be enough for you to start an mmigration file to Europe? Thank you once again.

    We are happy to see our articles are considered useful. We will reply in private

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