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EORI Registration in Belgium

EORI Registration in Belgium

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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The EORI system in Belgium

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) System was created and implemented for security measures in the European Union (EU). This measure managed to speed up formalities and customs operations for traders and other persons engaged in business and customs activities , like goods import and export activities. Every country whithin the European Union  has created its own EORI system, which is now part of the entire EU EORI system.

One of the purposes of the EORI system was to implement security measures introduced for European Economic Community (EEC) in 1992, then amended in 2005 by a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council. Finally, the Economic Operators Registration and Identification numbering system was introduced by the EU in 2009. All costs for implementing the EORI system were shared between the Community and the EU Member States.

As all experienced Belgian lawyers know, every trader can apply for EORI registration in Belgium. Then, in one or two working days, he will receive a unique EORI number, which he will be obliged to use for identification in all transactions and activities of customs whithin the EU.

Applying for EORI registration in Belgium

All companies that import and export goods can register for an EORI number, which will be valid in every EU Member State. Any trader who intends to import products for commercial purposes (such as buying and selling products) from outside the European Union must apply for EORI registration in Belgium or any other EU Member State. 

The EU EORI system offers complete information about all economic operators involved in customs activities.The EORI number is needed for each trader required to provide pre-arrival or pre-departure information for his import, export or goods transportation activities.

Starting from 2009, traders from Belgium registered at the customs were automatically also registered in the EORI system. 

All new economic operators and traders must complete and fill in a registration form that can be found on the EORI website. The registration form will be then sent by fax or postal service to the Administration of Customs and Excise from Brussels, that also handles Belgian EORI registration.

EORI registration in Belgium, at the Administration of Customs and Excise

For EORI registration in Belgium, traders that are not established in any of the EU countries will need to fill in a different registration form (also available on the EORI website) and send it (together with the documents related to legal existence of the economic entity) to the Belgian Administration of Customs and Excise.

In all EU countries, an EORI number consists of an ISO country code and a maximum of 15 digits number. For Belgium, where the EORI number  is the formed based on the VAT number, the ISO country code is accompanied by a 10 digits number (such as  BE 1573845630).

You can obtain detailed information about EORI registration in Belgium or personalized consultancy in various legal matters by contacting our law firm in Belgium.



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