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Characteristics of a BVBA Company in Belgium

Characteristics of a BVBA Company in Belgium

Updated on Monday 09th May 2016

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Characteristics-of-a-BVBA-Company-in-Belgium.jpgThe Belgian private limited liability company

The BVBA company in Belgium is the equivalent of the private limited liability company. The abbreviation BVBA or SPRL comes from the Dutch name and, respectively, the French name. This type of legal entity can be incorporated by one or more individuals and their liability is limited to their contribution to the share capital. This company can issue shares and bonds.
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Key features of a BVBA company in Belgium

The BVBA company requires a minimum share capital: 18,550€ fully subscribed at the time of the incorporation. The business partners who found a company like this must make sure that the required capital is available for the company when it is founded. Out of the total amount, at least 6,200€ must be transferred to the bank account belonging to the company.
Any limited liability company in Belgium must have a set of documents known as the articles of incorporation. They are drawn up before a Belgian notary and they include the following information:
- data about the company: name, legal form, registered office;
- the identity of the founding members;
- the capital and the nominal value of the shares as well as the share transfer conditions;
- details about how the general meetings will take place;
- details about the appointing method for company directors (managers);
- the appointment of auditors.
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Administrative requirements for a Belgian BVBA

The contributions to the share capital of a BVBA company can be made in cash or in kind. In case of cash contributions that must be deposited in a bank account opened for the company. In kind contributions must be verified by an auditor who will issue a report.
After the company founders draw up the articles of association the existence of the company will by attested by publication in the Belgian Official Gazette. All legal entities in Belgium must be registered and have a company enterprise number. Companies that wish to perform commercial activities must also register as traders at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. 
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