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Why Open a Small Business in Belgium?

Written by: Editor

Why-Open-a-Small-Business-in-Belgium.jpgWhat makes Belgium a good location to base a small business? To begin with, it’s the easy company set-up process and the limited restrictions for certain types of foreign investors. Moreover, the country has plenty of business opportunities, in various business fields. Entrepreneurs from neighboring countries, like France, for example, are looking towards starting their own small business in Belgium. Those who want to streamline the business formation process can request the help provided by a team of lawyers in Belgium.

Investing in Belgium

The conditions for starting a small business in Belgium are: have the right age (over 18 years or age or 16 for craftspeople), have a visa for Belgium (only for certain foreign nationals), register the business and obtain a company number.
The company needs to have a unique name and a bank account. VAT registration is also needed and when hiring employees, investors will need to observe the Labour Law.
Belgium also has a large number of self-employed individuals. Operating as a sole trader has its advantages in terms of the initial capital investment but offers no liability protection. 
One of our lawyers in Belgium can tell you more about each of the company formation steps. 

Small businesses in Belgium

Business opportunities abound in Belgium. Entrepreneurs can choose to start their own, freelancer business, collaborate up with another like-minded professional or set-up a corporate entity. The latter is a good business choice in terms of liability: when opening a private limited company or a public limited company the investor is not liable with his own assets.
Small business ideas can include setting up a consulting business, as a lawyer, accountant in Belgium or business consultant. Delivery or catering businesses, as well as coffee shops or restaurants, can be good ideas, although a restaurant in Belgium will need to function based on a number of special permits and licenses.
One of the experts at our law firm in Belgium can give you detailed information about particular business fields and the laws that govern investments in these areas.
You can contact us if you have questions about the laws for foreign entrepreneurs in Belgium.


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