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No More Taxes on Telecom Infrastructure in Wallonia

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no-more-taxes-on-telecom-infrastructure-in-wallonia.jpgThe government of Wallonia, a Region of Belgium, together with mobile phone operators have agreed upon the mobile infrastructure taxes at the end of last year. In this article, our lawyers in Belgium make a brief summary of this agreement.

Agreement stipulations explained by our Belgian lawyers

According to this agreement, the Region of Wallonia will not levy any further taxes on telecom infrastructure and will set a legal, administrative and supervisory system with the purpose of easing the installation of telecom infrastructure in the Region.
The agreement also stipulated that the operators would acquit to the Government of Wallonia EUR 45 million in order to settle the claims that were taking place at that time.
The telecom corporations have agreed to invest EUR 60 million in the following three years, aside from the amounts that were already planned to be invested in the Region over that time frame. This supplementary investment would be utilized to strengthen broadband coverages in areas where there has been a signaled a deficit and in those of high interest or with certain special needs. Our attorneys in Belgium can provide more details on this agreement.

The telecom industry in Belgium

In an age when rapid and secure data transfer is of outmost importance, the highly developed telecom network in Belgium is a crucial asset. After the liberalization and privatization of the telecom market which begun in 1998, there were numerous telecom companies that entered the market.
The major player in the telecom industry in Belgium is Belgacom, which momentarily is faced with a strong competition represented by resellers and operators such as MCI, Telenet, Mobistar and others. Our Belgian lawyers can offer further information on these other players.
In the present, Belgium has a complex and strong network which offers large bandwidth, completed by low-cost distance telecom prices. Having a fixed penetration rate of 14% in 2004, the country is close to the top EU15 countries in ranking.
If you would like to know more about the agreement of Wallonia on telecom infrastructure taxes, or you need legal advice regarding your business in the country, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Belgium.


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