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Belgium Business Confidence Increased

Written by: Bridgewest

Belgium-Business-Confidence-Increased.jpgThe National Bank of Belgium released a report that shows an increase in the business confidence in March, after two months of less positive results. Some business sectors, like manufacturing, saw a greater increase while in other eras like building the increase was marginal. Company owners in Belgium are more confident about their business performance in the coming months and about the possibility of hiring new employees.

A March increase for the manufacturing business

The manufacturing industry was the one that recorded the most significant growth this month, picking up from -11.2 in February to -7.9 in March. The trade sector increased from -5.1 to -4.1 while the building industry has a variation of only 0.2 points. 
Company directors who own manufacturing companies expressed their confidence in the assessment of total orders for the coming months and retailers stated that they expect a growth of employees during the next three months. In the business services sector, company owners expect the market demand to increase and entrepreneurs are being optimistic about their level of activity.
The business confidence index is based on the optimism expressed by business owners in regarding the current economic situation and their opinion on the evolution of their company for the next three months. The report is issued monthly by the National Bank of Belgium.

Doing business in Belgium 

This reported increase can have a positive impact on the overall foreign investments in the country. Analysts have not made any statements as per the evolution of the business sector or it this growth is a trend that is expected to continue.
Belgium is a country that offers many business opportunities, especially because of its favourable location in Europe. Foreign investors also have a wide range of legal entities to choose from and can benefit from certain tax exemptions, if they qualify for them.
You can contact our Belgian lawyers for more information about the investment climate in the country as well as assistance for opening a business or registering a company.


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