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Belgian Start-Ups, in the European Top for Fundraising

Written by: Bridgewest

Belgian-Start-Ups-in-the-European-Top-for-Fundraising.jpgThe Belgian start-up sector is beginning to become more efficient. During the first two months in 2016, a number of 14 Belgian start-ups have managed to raise at least one million euros. This start is promising because it highlights the potential of small businesses and that of the local and foreign entrepreneurs in Belgium. This performance allows Belgium to enter the top 5 European countries with an excellent environment for start-ups.

The success of Belgian start-ups

A study performed by Belgian organization Sirris revealed that a number of 14 Belgian start-ups managed to gather more than one million euros for funding. This means that Belgium occupies 5th place in Europe for funding deals and 6th place in terms of total capital raised. After the good performance during the first two months of 2016, Belgium is ahead of the Netherlands for start-up funding.
One characteristic of the newly formed Belgian start-ups is that nearly 71% of them are targeting business customers (B2B activities). This is the largest number of these types of companies in a European country.
Among the services offered by these new Belgian start-ups, we can list medical technology, financial solutions, construction management software, telecom, social media management, cloud storage solutions.
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Investing in Belgium

Belgium is a country that offers a number of advantages to entrepreneurs. The country’s start-up sector has started to develop at an increasingly higher pace as investors target all parts of the country and all business fields. The Brussels Region and Antwerp are the two provinces that receive the highest amount of start-ups. The preferred business form remains the private limited liability company, accounting for more than half of the new start-ups in the country. An important advantage of this company, especially for investors who are just starting a business, is that the founders are only limited to the amount of the invested capital.
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