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Belgian Legislation for Foreign Investments

Belgian Legislation for Foreign Investments

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Why choose Belgium ?

Located at the heart of the European Union, Belgium enjoys a favorable geographic position that offers access to some of the most developed markets in Europe. Foreign investors who wish to open international branches or subsidiaries in Belgium often choose the county based on its strategic location and favorable legislation for foreign investments.
Belgium has a strong economy that relies heavily on the import and export activities with the country’s powerful neighbors: Germany, France and the United Kingdom across the English Channel. As one of the founding members of the European Union, Belgium has a very open economy that welcomes and encourages international investments.
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Investment incentives in Belgium

All types of companies in Belgium must pay certain taxes and comply with the progressive taxation system in Belgium. One benefit offered to small and medium companies is a reduced tax rate for taxable profits that do not exceed 322,500 euros: the tax rate is 24.98, compared to the usual corporate tax rate of 33.99%.
Belgium has an independent ruling service, meaning that investors and taxpayers in Belgium can make advance decisions regarding the manner in which the tax law will be applied. Rulings in Belgium offer investors the opportunity to plan their economic activity in Belgium, but do not offer tax exemptions or reductions.

Special activitites encouranged in Belgium

Tax incentives are available in Belgium for the production of audio-visual works and various tax incentives, such as partial exemption from payment of wage tax, are available in the Belgian research and development sector. Companies that collaborate with colleges, universities or scientific institutions for purposes regarding research projects have a partial exemption of payment of wage withholding tax on the salaries given to the researchers.
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